The Real Reason for Creating Systems in Your Business

The conventional wisdom on systems in business, popularly articulated in books like The E-Myth, pushes the idea of systematising your business, creating an asset, and then selling that asset.

A smart strategy. And at some stage in the future you will enjoy the benefits of this work.

But the reason to implement systems in your business that bring you benefit every day, is the peace of mind that it can bring the business operator.

Running a business means dealing with an incessant series of highs and lows: you missed out on a big contract – you feel the disappointment associated with what could have been. You make a couple of big sales – you’re back on the horse and riding high again.

It’s like reacting to a series of clouds drifting across the sky that keep blocking the sun.

The problem with this approach is that it burns a lot of energy. The other problem is that your success is defined by forces, to some degree, beyond your control.

A more effective apprroach is to devise and refine systems, and to work them.

The focus then becomes not on the immediate win or loss, but how closely you are sticking to the rules you devised for yourself.

Your view then becomes wider and more long term.

And temporary setbacks are more likely to be viewed with the appropriate perspective.


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