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How to Steal a Creative Idea

The worst type of thief steals a creative idea and passes it off as his own. History’s greatest thieves steal ideas, improve them, and then give them back. In a digital world, ideas are crying out to be borrowed, manipulates, reworked, repackaged, and generally messed with in a cool way. Take, for example, the amazing […]

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Providing you’re prepared to invest the time, you can learn just about anything. Want to learn an obscure foreign language? No worries. Amazon will happily sell you one of 3073 books to teach yourself Swahili. Perhaps you’re after a bit of old fashioned wisdom? You can have that for $2.32 plus postage. You’re only a […]

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How to Receive Feedback on Your Creative Work

Receiving feedback for your creative work can be confronting. We inject a lot of ourselves into our creative work…

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