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The Death of Your Local Bookshop – Crucial Lessons For Your Business

We’ve been hit by a barrage from the media of late about how tough retail is doing it. About how consumers are switching to online in droves, about high profile retailers closing their doors, and the demise of bricks-and-mortar bookstores – most notably Borders in Australia. Like many of my generation, and older generations, I […]

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How To Transcend the Starving Artist Cliche

There’s a shift in consumer culture that is starting to value experiences over possessions. A desire for authentic experiences amidst a reality that is increasingly manufactured and contrived. And a desperate yearning for human experiences within a digital world. Or is it just me? This scenario places artists and creative types with an opportunity to […]

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Not just playing songs but living them

A couple of recent experience have prompted me to reflect on my approach to my creative work: I went to see the band The Felice Brothers play on Thursday night. A great American band whose music cannot be easily classified, but traverses the territory of folk, rock and country in the tradition of Bob Dylan […]

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Ideas – When to Share, When to Shut Up

If you’re in the business of breathing life into ideas, you’ve probably spent time thinking about when to share them, and when to keep them quiet. One side of the spectrum clings tight to a paranoia that by putting ideas out there they will be stolen, counterfeited or bastardised. The side not governed by fear […]

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How to Receive Feedback on Your Creative Work

Receiving feedback for your creative work can be confronting. We inject a lot of ourselves into our creative work…

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How to Kill Your New Creative Business in 7 Easy Steps

The strategies listed below are all excellent ways to severely diminish your chances…

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How to Survive the Quiet Times in Business

I’ve been running my own creative business for about ten years, and have had to endure a few quiet times, which has not been fun…

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