Do You Need a Business Plan?

I think that traditional business plans are mainly for convincing banks to lend you money, or for organisations with a strong corporate structure.

A business plan is for SOMEONE ELSE.

What would be more effective is something designed for YOU.

My personal opinion is that a business plan should be replaced with:

1. The Vision
2. Habits

The Vision is your image of how things will look once you’ve transformed your lump of clay into something alive, mature, and that facilitates your lifestyle and your dreams. The Vision has to be highly personalised. It may take on any form e.g. an image, a colour, a document etc – whatever speaks to you. Something that you give meaning to. The Vision is adaptable and will evolve.

Habits trump goals or plans. Uncover what the correct habits are, and then to commit to them. Ceaselessly practicing the right habits will achieve the Vision.

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2 Responses to “Do You Need a Business Plan?”

  1. On 17/04/2012 at 5:37 PM Miriam Gilbert responded with... #

    I agree that traditional business plans are generally either used to attract funding or created because “this is how we always done it”. However, even large organisations with fixed structures are wakening up to the fact that what they really need is to have something that helps them clarifying their direction: a working document, something that changes, evolves, captures more than facts and figures but vision, passion, emotion and values. A good business plan is NOT a budget (although financial numbers should be in there) but it tells the great story of the organisation – a heroes journey….

  2. On 22/04/2012 at 6:55 PM ryanspanger responded with... #

    Thanks for commenting, Miriam. I like the idea of the heroes journey as applied to a business plan.

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