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Keep Walking – Business Lessons from a Whiskey Blender

While the story of Steve Jobs and Apple dominates the landscape of business case-study success stories, there are lessons to be learnt about how to build a great business from a whiskey blender called Johnnie. Leverage: while most whiskey distilleries devote themselves to the time consuming (10-20 years) and laborious task of creating whiskey, Johnnie […]

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How to Steal a Creative Idea

The worst type of thief steals a creative idea and passes it off as his own. History’s greatest thieves steal ideas, improve them, and then give them back. In a digital world, ideas are crying out to be borrowed, manipulates, reworked, repackaged, and generally messed with in a cool way. Take, for example, the amazing […]

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Ideas – When to Share, When to Shut Up

If you’re in the business of breathing life into ideas, you’ve probably spent time thinking about when to share them, and when to keep them quiet. One side of the spectrum clings tight to a paranoia that by putting ideas out there they will be stolen, counterfeited or bastardised. The side not governed by fear […]

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How to Generate Ideas

When I was at film school I was lucky enough to be taught screenwriting by a bloke by the name of Chris McGill, a classic old school gent with a warm heart, and a deep love…

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