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How to Steal a Creative Idea

The worst type of thief steals a creative idea and passes it off as his own. History’s greatest thieves steal ideas, improve them, and then give them back. In a digital world, ideas are crying out to be borrowed, manipulates, reworked, repackaged, and generally messed with in a cool way. Take, for example, the amazing […]

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Ideas – When to Share, When to Shut Up

If you’re in the business of breathing life into ideas, you’ve probably spent time thinking about when to share them, and when to keep them quiet. One side of the spectrum clings tight to a paranoia that by putting ideas out there they will be stolen, counterfeited or bastardised. The side not governed by fear […]

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Heinous Public Speaking Crimes & How to Avoid Them.

There’s a war going on out there. New victims are claimed each day in the conference centres and boardrooms of this nation. It’s time we fought to end this cruel and barbaric practice: the mindnumbingly boring presentation. I’m not a public speaker. But through my work I attend a lot of presentations. Some have been […]

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