Episode 0 – Trailer

Have you ever suspected that it’s possible to build a sustainable creative business around what you love doing? Me too. And the more people I connect with who are on this journey, the more real this idea becomes. Creative.biz shares the stories of creative business people who are living this life, and some ideas and hard fought lessons that have helped them stay the path.

While creativity is often associated with artistic pursuits, I want to evoke it’s meaning broadly and inclusively. Creativity is about our human instinct for self-expression,how we give it form, and how we use it to connect with the world.

Creative.biz is also an opportunity for me to test out and share ideas that I have gathered in the ten years of running my own creative business. To ignite conversations around what it takes to spend your waking hours pursuing and building something worthwhile.

It’s also a damn fine excuse to connect with fascinating creative business folk, and capture their stories. New episodes will be added on a monthly basis.

If you’re on a similar journey, please feel free to connect, either by adding your ideas in the comments section, or sending an email. And if you like the stories and ideas in Creative.biz, please share them.

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